Berlin Fang
Berlin Fang

Berlin Fang is a Chinese educational writer, having contributed to China Daily, and the Chinese sites of The New York Times, Financial Times, Radio Netherland, and Voice of America. He is also an award-winning literary translator. His translation works include “The Sound and the Fury” (William Faulkner), “Bend of the River” (V.S. Naipaul), “Let the Great World Spin” (Colum McCann), and “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn” (Betty Smith). Further information about him can be found at

What I Remember About The Year Tiananmen Happened In China

1989 will probably go down in history as the year China’s youth lost their idealism. People lost interest, or perhaps hope, in politics. Money is now the name of the game.

Why Affirmative Action Is Racist And Un-American

Affirmative action creates a fixed mindset that because one is born into a specific racial or ethnic group, one is entitled to certain privileges such as lowered criteria.