Amber Smith
Amber Smith
Amber Smith

Amber Smith is the author of the book “Danger Close” and is a combat veteran of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. She is a former Pentagon official in the Trump administration. Follow her on Twitter @AmberSmithUSA. 

U.S. Leaders Have Been Lying To Us About Afghanistan For Nearly 20 Years

The DC establishment is at fault for promoting an unattainable outcome in Afghanistan for almost two decades and being ‘stunned’ when faced with the reality.

Why I’m Disappointed In Americans This Veterans Day

In 2020, it isn’t Russia, al-Qaida, or ISIS threatening our freedom. It’s the rise of extremism from leftist leadership within our own country.

It’s Time To Register For The Military Draft, Ladies

Since women can now try out for the same combat jobs as men, women should have the same draft requirement. That’s what equality looks like.

Don’t Believe The Hype About Women In Combat

Resentment will occur if female quotas are applied to each unit to satisfy political agendas, so putting women in combat makes it much more critical to maintain high and equal standards.

Malala Is What The Real War On Women Looks Like

Malala Yousafzai’s Nobel Prize was well earned, and it presents a moment to discuss genuine oppression of women worldwide.

Veterans Deserve Better Than a Shinseki Retread

Who should replace Eric Shinseki as Veterans Affairs secretary?