Alex Plitsas
Alex Plitsas
Alex Plitsas

Alex Plitsas is a national security professional, Bronze Star Medal recipient, and U.S. Army combat veteran of the Iraq War. He also served in Afghanistan as a Defense Civilian Intelligence Officer and at the Pentagon as Chief of Sensitive Activities for the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Special Operations & Low-Intensity Conflict.

He completed his undergraduate studies at American University and attended graduate school at Johns Hopkins University. He lives in the New York Metropolitan area. Follow him on Twitter @alexplitsas and Parler @alexjplitsas.

Edward Snowden Isn’t A Hero And Doesn’t Deserve A Presidential Pardon

Edward Snowden caused grave damage to U.S. national security. If he truly believes what he did was right, he should return to America and stand trial.

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Joe Biden exercised incredibly poor judgement, placing a highly classified counterintelligence operation at risk, and undermined the incoming administration.

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The United States and her Western allies have been engaged in reactive opposition to Russian actions across the globe for far too long.