Anna Bohach
Anna Bohach

Anna Bohach is the founder of 500 Mom Strong, an organization dedicated to fighting the misogyny of Drag Queen Story Hour and the transgender movement. She has a bachelor’s degree in Communication with an emphasis in Rhetorical Criticism from California State University Los Angeles. Anna lives in Spokane, Washington, and has been married to her husband for 13 years and is the mother of four.

How My Pregnancy Exposed The Silent Genocide Of Babies With Down Syndrome

It has never been a better time to be a person with Down syndrome, unless he is still in the womb.

Spokane Prosecutes Pastor For Trying To Pray For Kids At Public Library Drag Queen Show

In Spokane, 649 rape kits are awaiting attention, an opioid crisis is raging, and a serial killer hasn’t been caught, yet the city is throwing the book at a pastor who objects to a sexual minstrel show performed for children.