Shireen Qudosi
Shireen Qudosi
Shireen Qudosi, a Sufi Muslim of Afghan and South Asian ancestry, is a writer on Islam.
Islamists Join Environmentalists At Standing Rock To Delegitimize America

What unites these two seemingly antithetical movements is their shared desires to accumulate power and topple a common enemy.

Linda Sarsour’s Muslim Identity Politics Epitomize Feminism’s Hypocrisy

Although she thinks a President Trump will turn back the clock 300 years, Linda Sarsour forgets that Islam never left the Middle Ages in its view of women.

The Soft Bigotry Of Jimmy Kimmel’s Low Muslim Expectations

Jimmy Kimmel says policing Muslim neighborhoods will lead to more violent jihad. What a bigoted idea.

What World War II Can Teach Us About Islamic Terror

We can start fighting Islamic terror by naming it. But that’s just step one.

No, Obama, Muslim Heroism Means Reforming A Decrepit Faith

President Obama has chosen to partner with the most repressive strains of Islam in America today rather than challenging them to upgrade.