Ryan Fazio
Ryan Fazio
Ryan works in commodities markets and lives in New York City. He is a graduate of Northwestern University, where he studied economics and politics. Ryan is passionate about school choice and tutors at charter schools. He tweets @ryanfazio.
MLB’s Wild Card Games Celebrate Randomness And Mediocrity

The baseball season tests and exposes teams over the long haul rather than isolated, random stints. That’s what makes this week’s single-elimination wild card play-in games so improper.

Don’t Add A Pitch Clock Unless You Want To End Baseball As We Know It

Baseball is not and has never been a timed game. Adding a clock would profoundly alter its very character by changing how the game’s outcome is determined.

Why The United Kingdom Should Make Good On Its EU Exit

The image of a democratically elected premier of one of the world’s great powers forced to go hat-in-hand to some European bureaucrat for the right to return money to the British taxpayer is scandalous.