Robin Ridless
Robin Ridless
Long-Distance Psych Evaluations Of Trump Are Just Political Correctness By Another Name

At its core, this in-fighting reflects the Left’s need to recruit the appearance of scientific truth to undo the trauma of its political dethronement.

Richard Prince’s Loss Over Appropriated Art Gives Copyright Law A Chance

A federal court judge just rejected Richard Prince’s claim that his use of another artist’s work was so patently innovative, he shouldn’t have to go to trial for charges of infringement.

Jeff Koons’ ‘Ballerina’ Reminds Us That Originality Matters

The artist didn’t break any laws by copying a sculptor’s work. But he did deprive us of an amazing story about that woman’s creativity and imagination.

Tizzy Over Whitney’s Lynching Portrait Reveals Left’s Descent Into Feelings-Driven Politics

A recent controversy over cultural insensitivity at the Whitney Museum in New York betrays the Left’s basic incapacity to process conflict and confusion over the rule of law.

For Postmodernists Like Richard Prince, Art Is Theft

Are creators entitled to the fruits of their hard work, imagination, and creativity? The cultural left for which Richard Prince is the poster boy says no.