Mark A. Signorelli
Mark A. Signorelli
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If You Want Fewer Stupid Politicians And Voters, Promote Good Reading

Americans often bemoan the diminished condition of our political discourse without recognizing the role that a general decline in literacy is playing in that diminishment.

Here’s Why It Can Never Really Be Christmas Without Children

Roger Scruton calls our gratitude for the gift of being the ‘fundamental religious truth.’ Children bring this gratitude into our lives in a singular way.

11 Ways The Left Spurred Americans To Vote For Trump

The rise of Donald Trump is the entirely predictable result of decades of purblind progressive influence on American life.

If We Can’t Distinguish Between God And Satan, Society’s Going To Hell

Our society has lost the ability to make even the most elementary moral distinctions. And it hurts our children most of all.

Why The Elites Are Really Populists At Heart

If we peek beneath the superficial postures of left-right politics, we will find the same fundamental mentality—the same eternal rage against the powers that be.

‘1984’ Was Supposed To Be A Warning, Not A DIY Manual For Progressives

George Orwell’s master work teaches us that real freedom consists in the ability to acknowledge a realm of truth independent of private opinion—such as one’s sex.

America Needs A Healthy Dose Of Elitism

There seems to be fairly universal agreement that our elites are a pretty sorry lot.