Jared Meyer
Jared Meyer
Jared Meyer
Jared Meyer is a fellow at Economics21 at the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research. You can follow him on Twitter @JaredMeyer10.
Why Americans Love The Sharing Economy

Regulators, who are still attempting to respond to the creation of the Internet, will never catch up to America’s entrepreneurs.

Ron Paul Is No Longer The Only One Asking ‘Who Needs The Fed?’

‘Who Needs the Fed?’ author John Tamny explains where Milton Friedman, Austrian economists, and supply siders go wrong.

How The New E-Cig Rules Hurt Americans

The FDA’s new regulations will destroy 99 percent of an industry that offers an option the Royal College of Physicians finds is 95 percent safer than cigarettes.

Watch The Super Bowl Playoffs—You’re Paying

NFL owners are professionals at extracting taxpayer money to fund generous subsidies for their lavish stadiums.

Bring Uber To All New Yorkers

Uber is quickly expanding in New York’s low-income neighborhoods, meeting the needs of poor people far better than taxis have.

After Kelo, Governments Keep Nabbing Property

After the Supreme Court allowed governments to take anyone’s property for just about any reason, lawmakers pretended to fix the problem. It’s still there.

New York’s Taxi King Is Going Down

People don’t deserve to be millionaires because they can get government to let them pick people’s pockets.

‘Popular Economics’ Presents Economics For The Everyman

Many economists have physics envy, causing their obsession with esoteric, complex charts and formulas. John Tamny’s new ‘Popular Economics’ instead explains the miracles of free human action.

Union Bosses Use Fast-Food Workers For Personal Gain

Unions are organizing a fast-food worker’s strike this week to push for a $15 minimum wage. What they don’t say is how much unions will benefit.

Put The Squeeze On Operation Choke Point

Unelected federal officials have bullied banks into cutting off businesses they don’t like, such as arms and ammunition suppliers. It’s called Operation Choke Point.

If You Watch ‘House Of Cards,’ Thank Maryland Taxpayers

Maryland’s film tax credits benefit rich Hollywood out-of-staters such as those producing ‘House of Cards.’ Research shows these credits don’t benefit local taxpayers one bit.