James Hasson
James Hasson
James Hasson is a former Army captain and a veteran of the war in Afghanistan. He is a second-year law student. Find him on Twitter @JamesHasson20.
Stop Using The Military As A Pawn In Your Culture War

Steve Bannon’s cynicism is only the latest in a disturbing trend of politicos of all stripes conflating ‘support for the troops’ and military service with their own politics.

No, The Military Is Not Defying Trump On Transgender Ban—There Is No Ban

No, the military is not ‘defying’ President Trump’s orders. They are waiting for them. Trump has made zero policy follow-ups to his viral tweets about a military transgender ban.

Military Service Is A Privilege That Transgender People Aren’t Qualified For

Military service is a privilege, not a right. And the military has an obligation only to admit and retain soldiers who make it more effective at fighting wars.

New Army Training Tells Female Soldiers To ‘Accept’ Naked Men In Their Showers

I recently received a copy of the new ‘Tier Three Transgender Training’ materials that the U.S. Army is now using in mandatory training for all soldiers.

China Isn’t The Only Country To Blame For The World’s North Korea Problem

Conspicuously missing is significant attention to the country that bears a large share of the blame for the current crisis and could play a crucial role in the future: Pakistan.

3 Wasteful Military Programs Congress Should Cut To Free Up Money For Upgrades

If Defense Secretary James Mattis cannot persuade Trump to request additional funds for the U.S. military, then perhaps he can convince him to reprioritize existing funding instead.

President Trump Shouldn’t Send The Military More Money Until They Stop Dumping It Down The Drain

Our defense budget is a sieve for congressional pet projects, special interest contracts, and social engineering programs. Pumping more fuel into the tank is little use if you don’t patch the holes.

Combat Veteran To Donald Trump: Stop Using Us As Props

If Donald Trump likes veterans so much he’ll skip today’s debate for them, why does he donate more to the Clintons than to us?