Alex Grass
Alex Grass
Alex Grass
Alex Grass is the religion and law correspondent for The Media Project. His opinions are his own.
Here’s Proof Left-Wing Poetry Is Just Like Taxes But Less Interesting And More Painful

You can tell a lot about a person’s politics and outlook on life—and mental stability—by looking at the poems he writes.

After Rabbits, The Next Menu Item For Venezuela’s Socialist-Driven Food Crisis Might Be Lassie

In the topsy-turvy terror-land that is Nicolas Maduro’s Venezuela, a storyline like ‘Lassie for Lunch’ may become as commonplace as a caudillo in a blood-red button-down.

I Don’t Mind Using Preferred Pronouns. I Mind Being Forced Into It

There is no place for commanding specific language—thoughts, even—in a free and open society.

Wearing Puzzle Pieces To Apologize For Your White Skin Is Anti-Science And Anti-History

At Elizabethtown College, students are donning white puzzle piece pins as a means of (virtue) signaling penitence for our time’s original sin: whiteness.

Europe’s Show Trials Are Where America’s Anti-Speech Regime Is Going

Progressives are prosecuting conservative dissenters for ‘hate crimes.’ Criminalizing politics not only crushes diversity—it’s just plain wrong.