Peter Burfeind
Peter Burfeind
Peter M. Burfeind

Peter M. Burfeind is the author of “Gnostic America: A Reading of Contemporary American Culture & Religion According to Christianity’s Oldest Heresy” and “A Year Crowned with Goodness” (coming November 2020). He is a pastor in southern Michigan, a regular conference speaker, and a frequent guest on “Issues, Etc.”

Aliens Don’t Exist, But They Tell Us A Lot About Atheists

Lacking any evidence of an actual alien, Hollywood’s aliens speak more about the modern psyche fueling the imaginations of their designers.

Millennials Are In Election Hell Because Politics Has Become Their God

Millennials are abandoning ‘institutional religion’ in droves and have substituted politics. How’s that working out for them?

Like Our Veterans, Americans Are Ones Who Draw A Line In The Sand

If my country is going to tell me how to pray, America ceases to be America, and I cease to wear this flag with pride. That is this soldier’s line in the sand.

Why Conservatives Should Start Breaking The Laws That Oppress Us

The Left has been actively destroying rule of law over the past few decades. Now, conservatives face the senseless rules they’ve instituted.

How Denying Infant Baptism Leads To Leftist Politics

Modern progressivism is a species of Christian heresy arising out of a specific Christian culture that had the same taproot as modern non-sacramental—yes, even evangelical—Christianity.

How Western White Males Colonized The Progressive Mind

The entire stable of thinkers who crafted the cosmic architecture that has spawned feminism, LGBT thought, Occupy Wall Street, and Black Lives Matter? They’re dead white men.

Suicide: The Next Civil Rights Frontier

Only someone tone-deaf to what’s going on in culture will fail to understand how we’re only a few logical steps away from suicide being an act of personal expression.

Ascension Day Couldn’t Be More Timely

Especially for those bummed out about where our politics are going, today’s feast day of Ascension offers comfort.

No, Mr. Trump, Presidents Don’t Reign

Election cycles are increasingly becoming Armageddon. It all comes down to Gnosticism: treating the other side as the embodiment of evil.

How Denying Christ’s Body And Blood Leads To Progressive Politics

Nearly 500 years later, Reformation Day’s biggest debate still rages. And history shows Martin Luther was right.

Barbarians At The Gates Of Realville

We’re watching our culture commit logocide—killing, not just discussion, but any potential framework for discussion. It means to end the West.

Why You Should Keep Thanking Veterans For Their Service

Let liberals see grievances lurking under every rock. Conservatives are grateful people.

Gnostic Mysticism Grounds Modern Progressive Ideology

We cannot understand what’s going on with gay marriage without understanding the spiritual pathology of our Gnostic cultural revolution.

Here’s How Scott Walker Should’ve Handled The Evolution Gotcha Question

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker should have gone full Colonel Jessup on reporters who think science can determine prudential action.

Evangelicalism’s Worldwide Explosion May Strengthen Progressivism

It is not at all clear that the global evangelicalism surge will be good for humanity or orthodox Christianity.

Is 2015 The Year History Rebels Against Progressivism?

Progressivism has become the gift that keeps on giving. But so long as our culture is dominated by Gnosticism, we will always be slouching toward collectivist ideology.

Reza Aslan, Religious Bigot

Dear Bill Maher: Reza Aslan is wrong. It’s totally okay to make the true and mundane statement that Islam and Christianity are different.