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Breaking News Alert Supreme Court Sides With Biden In Fight Over Trump's 'Remain In Mexico' Policy

Reynolds: Biden DOJ More Interested In Going After Concerned Parents Than Pro-Abortion Terrorists


“You can be a parent at a school board meeting concerned about your child’s education and the next thing you know, Biden’s Department of Justice will be on your back. You can question the ever-changing Covid narrative online and the Department of Homeland Security is suddenly talking about your misinformation in the same sentence as domestic terrorism. And yet we’ve had all of these dozens of attacks on pregnancy centers … and the Biden administration’s federal law enforcement — here they have an opportunity to actually do their job instead of doing all these things that aren’t their job, and they’re all too happy to turn the other way,” Federalist Assistant Editor Elle Reynolds told Chanel Rion on OAN’s “Weekly Briefing.”

“Just like the demonstrations and the intimidation at justices’ houses, which Biden’s press secretary explicitly encouraged and endorsed, even though those intimidation tactics have led to an assassination attempt on Justice Kavanaugh’s life, they don’t want to condemn these attacks because they’re doing exactly what they want.”