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Jashinsky: Jackson Has Suffered Nothing Compared To What Democrats Put Kavanaugh Through


“This is a case where you have very much an activist judge and you have this questioning process. It’s sort of a given that she’s going to be confirmed … but it is time for Republicans, and I actually mentioned Ron DeSantis, to start flipping these questions, to start changing the narrative and stop accepting the premises of these questions,” Federalist Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky said. “And I think we see a little bit of grappling with that on the right, you definitely see this with DeSantis, definitely see this with Trump, but I’m not sure that everyone has fully gotten to it because when you look at what happened with the Kavanaugh confirmation hearing, as has been invoked by many senators just in the early days of Judge Brown Jackson’s confirmation hearing, it’s night and day. I mean, it’s incredible how you have Dick Durbin coming out and saying some of the questions to Judge Jackson have been teetering near the line. What the h-ll were you guys doing with Kavanaugh? And what were you doing questioning Amy Coney Barrett’s faith? What were you doing?”