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Breaking News Alert Surprise! Young Chiefs Fan Targeted By Deadspin's Phony Blackface Hoax Is Native American

Hemingway: If Feds Didn’t Want A Spectacle, They Should Not Have Raided Mar-a-Lago And Politically Prosecuted Their Adversary


“Well, not just ‘What is he afraid of?’ but it’s interesting he would say you can’t have cameras because we don’t want to create a spectacle after the federal government has done nothing but create a spectacle by raiding the Mar a Lago house, by indicting the president up and down the eastern seaboard, by working to do political prosecutions of political opponents … If they didn’t want a spectacle they should have shown some wisdom and restraint in deciding whether or not to make Donald Trump the first person in the world they cared about classified documents with at the presidential level, so it’s really interesting that Jack Smith is working so hard to keep things secret,” said Federalist Editor-in-chief Mollie Hemingway.