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Cleveland: The United States’s Systemic Electoral Problems Sow Distrust In Results


“The problems in 2020 were systematic, they were widespread, and they are the reasons that people do not have faith in the outcome of the elections,” said Federalist Senior Legal Analyst Margot Cleveland on OANN Thursday. “The other reason people do not have faith in the outcome of the elections is what Hillary Clinton did.”

What Hillary Clinton did, she noted, was pay a former U.K. spy to make up lies about Donald Trump and spin those lies to U.S. intelligence agencies to start unfounded federal investigations of Clinton’s political opponents.

Cleveland pointed to a special counsel finding evidence of systematic election fraud in Wisconsin nursing homes, proof of illegal votes in Georgia that were three times more numerous than Joe Biden’s margin of victory, and to states suspending

“No one is going to be able to trust an election in the United States unless these problems are fixed,” Cleveland said.