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Breaking News Alert As Texas Families Get The Worst News Imaginable, Biden's Attention is On The 'Gun Lobby'

Bartow: America’s Kids Are Finally Free From Masks At School, But It Took Too Long


“This is a really big week for a lot of kids, they finally can take off their masks at school,” The Federalist’s Features Editor Eleanor Bartow told Christina Bobb’s “Weekly Briefing” on OAN this week.

“There’s even a couple of states that are still requiring these masks, they’re dropping them this week… As we look back, if something like this ever happens again, we took too long to push back. These teachers unions were more powerful than a lot of parents knew, parents took a while to figure that out and get organized. And now we have a lot of damage to undo, we have a real mental health crisis with our nation’s children.”

“… As parents we need to keep pushing back, even if we get called domestic terrorists, we need to keep going to these board meetings, maybe even running for the board, recalling board members, just making sure we know what our kids are learning at school.”