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The War On ‘The War On Women’

…over birth control, for instance, could have been avoided by simply making birth control available over the counter instead of dependent upon a prescription (with the prescription itself largely dependent…

Contraception Won’t Fix Fatherlessness

birth control and abortion. To fix the problem, greater birth control access was the appropriate measure. Why the Akerlof Argument Is Wrong Here is the Akerlof argument. 1) Birth control

How Republicans Can Address The War on Women

…that. Abortion and birth control are inextricably bound to the ideals of independence and equality in the minds of women, particularly single women. If they see abortion and birth control

Five Reasons America Needs More Dads

…don’t get stuck with unwanted children because they have birth control, yet the poor abandon shotgun marriages without the proper birth control access that would keep unwanted children at bay)….

All Your Wombs Are Belong To Us

The supposed new medical consensus on birth control sounds so rational. Implanting young women with long-term birth control from the get-go will reduce abortions, welfare costs, the number of children…

Genital Mutilation: The Real War On Women

control. Some on the Left even go so far as to say forcing other people to buy your birth control should trump religious freedom. Where’s the sensitivity in this? Why…

Why Women Are Souring On The Pill

…Hormonal Birth Control,” for an upcoming film of the same title. In a recent interview, Lake explained: “What we did for birth, we’re trying to do for birth control. And…

Planned Parenthood’s Big Bad Business Model

…Why Planned Parenthood’s Birth Control Services Can Be Awful Because Planned Parenthood makes minimal profits selling birth control to customers who depend on Title X or Medicaid, the organization doesn’t…

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