Vanessa Rasanen
Vanessa Rasanen
Vanessa Rasanen

Vanessa Rasanen is a wife, mother of four, part-time writer, and full-time data analyst.

Here’s The Culture That Set The Stage For Ahmed Mohamed

To succeed—or even survive—our children must learn a new set of rules that exist outside the walls of our homes and are based on irrational fears.

Why The Mommy Wars Are Good For Us

The debates and discussions—even the outright screaming matches— of the mommy wars are an opportunity to learn, adjust, and grow.

Four Truths About Raising Small Children

Parenting small children is not a science, but we can be confident about it.

In Defense Of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day offers an excellent opportunity to step outside the daily grind and celebrate those we love.

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Ten Misconceptions About Military Families

As the divide between military families and civilians grows, here are some things non-military folks should understand.

We Bring Our Kids To The Pub

If you don’t want to risk other people’s children ruining your mojo or killing your buzz or annoying you at a pub, then how about you not leave your house.

Why I Often Ignore Our Children

It’s really impossible to raise children without ignoring them regularly.

Robin Versus Brittany: The Double Standard For Suicide

We can’t both prevent and encourage suicide.

Children Are People, Too

Abortion pushes us to think of children as commodities. Whether their parents want them or not, children are inherently valuable.

The Actual Top Five Things Men Should Know About Pregnant Women

No matter how much we pregnant ladies wish we could help you understand what is happening, we wish we knew ourselves.

Top 10 Ridiculous Responses Regarding My Third Pregnancy

No one – not family nor friend – should at all be concerned with my husband’s nether-regions during my pregnancy. Thank you very much.