Susanna Hoffman
Susanna Hoffman
Susanna Hoffman is an intern for The Federalist and a student at Patrick Henry College where she studies journalism. You can follow her on Twitter @_SusannaHoffman.
Socialism Didn’t Work In Sweden, And It Won’t Work In America

Bernie Sanders and AOC point to the brief window of Swedish socialism’s artificial success before Sweden crumbled under its reality.

Keanu Reeves Is The Internet Boyfriend America Needs

In an era when screaming progressivism and stripping on the red carpet typically wins the spotlight, Keanu Reeves’s kindness and humility is sending an important message.

Female High School Athlete Sidelined By Trans Males Speaks Out For Women’s Sports

Two biological males kept high school track runner Selina Soule from advancing in her sport. Now she has a lawyer and a Title IX complaint.

To Depolarize Our Politics, Aristotle Would Prescribe Some Virtue

A healthy political sphere relies on ethical, virtuous individuals who focus on their communities and not solely on themselves.

YouTube’s Arbitrary, One-Sided Policies Threaten Free Speech In America

We must stop the infringement of our rights no matter what our political positions are; you never know who will be silenced next.

3 Reforms To Congress Rep. Mike Gallagher Says Will Reduce The Dysfunction

Rep. Mike Gallagher discussed his proposed reforms to get Congress working again in an interview with a fellow from the Hoover Institution.

Warren Says Combating Climate Change Is ‘A Bigger Challenge Than WWII’

Elizabeth Warren dished out a climate change agenda that is as improbable as it is expensive, then turned around and insulted WWII vets.

Elizabeth Warren Plays Santa Claus With ‘Free’ Gifts For Every Voter (Except Those Filthy Rich People)

‘If they could just pitch in the 2 cents, then everyone in this country has a chance to build something,’ Elizabeth Warren said, doffing her Santa hat.

‘Combat Obscura’ Pulverizes Romantic Ideas About American Marines And War

The raw collection of videos reveals the troops, not as American heroes, but as boys psychologically damaged by the paradox of boredom and battle.