Scott Lincicome
Scott Lincicome
Scott Lincicome
Scott Lincicome is an international trade attorney, adjunct scholar at the Cato Institute and Visiting Lecturer at Duke University. As a trade lawyer, Scott litigates trade disputes in the United States, Europe, the World Trade Organization (WTO) and various other international jurisdictions, and advises clients on trade agreements, trade-related regulations and legislation, U.S. trade policy, and WTO matters. He specializes in advising clients on how to best conform their transactions and policies to global trade rules and related national regulations. Outside of the firm, Scott has advised presidential and congressional candidates on international economic policy, and authored or co-authored several policy papers published by Cato and other organizations. He also routinely writes and speaks on economic policy and politics, and blogs on these issues at his personal blog. The views he expresses in these pages are Scott Lincicome's alone and do not necessarily reflect those of his employer. Follow him on Twitter, @scottlincicome.
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The Federal Reserve announced yesterday that it would not, contrary to previous indications and the expectations of the entire financial world, begin to taper its “QE3” Read Full Article >

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Not only ridiculously expensive, but ridiculously counterproductive.