Scott Lincicome
Scott Lincicome
Scott Lincicome

Scott Lincicome is an international trade attorney, adjunct scholar at the Cato Institute and Visiting Lecturer at Duke University. As a trade lawyer, Scott litigates trade disputes in the United States, Europe, the World Trade Organization (WTO) and various other international jurisdictions, and advises clients on trade agreements, trade-related regulations and legislation, U.S. trade policy, and WTO matters. He specializes in advising clients on how to best conform their transactions and policies to global trade rules and related national regulations. Outside of the firm, Scott has advised presidential and congressional candidates on international economic policy, and authored or co-authored several policy papers published by Cato and other organizations. He also routinely writes and speaks on economic policy and politics, and blogs on these issues at his personal blog. The views he expresses in these pages are Scott Lincicome’s alone and do not necessarily reflect those of his employer. Follow him on Twitter, @scottlincicome.

How Free Traders Fueled Trump And Can Beat Him

Protectionists want to force poor American consumers to subsidize well-connected cronies. They must no longer be given free rein to mislead with impunity.

Dear Indiana: You’re Not Getting Killed On Trade

There may be no state in the country that, at least on paper, should be less amenable to Donald Trump’s doomsday message about trade and American manufacturing.

Endorser Agrees: Trump Policies Will Benefit Rich At Expense Of Poor And Middle Class

According to Team Trump, Trump’s import tax would force Americans to pay 10 to 15 percent more for food, clothing, shoes, electronics, and other basic necessities.

Almost Everything Donald Trump Says About Trade With China Is Wrong

Donald Trump’s China trade plan would make American families pay a lot more for food, clothing, electronics, and everything else that now says ‘Made in China.’

World’s Best Turkey Stuffing Recipe

Start this glorious stuffing the day before Thanksgiving.

Why Donald Trump’s Immigration Plan Empowers Political Elites

Americans fail to understand that Trump’s claims about manufacturing, trade, and immigration actually protect the politicians and cronies that he claims to be fighting.

Top Nine Myths About Trade Promotion Authority And The Trans-Pacific Partnership

A misguided (or misleading) opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership really has no idea what it’s talking about.

Separating Fact From Fiction In The Frustrating Debate Over U.S. Trade Policy

A vote for the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement is a vote for lower taxes on American families and industrial consumers.

Dear GOP: Big Government’s Problems Extend To Defense Spending

Republicans love defense spending, and that’s why the F-35 will cost more than the Manhattan Project every year for the next fifty years.

If You Like Higher Prices, Enriched Cronies, And Weak National Security, Then You’ll Love The Jones Act

Sen. John McCain has found an archaic, protectionist boondoggle whose time for death is long past. It’s called the Jones Act.

Yes, Of Course We Should Lift The Cuban Embargo

The U.S. government had two decades to prove its Cuban embargo would work. It failed.

Shock! Farm Bill Boondoggle Already Bigger than Politicians, Media Promised

The 2014 Farm Bill could impose more harm on US taxpayers and consumers than our political and media elite promised us.

Aliens, Earthquakes And EPA Regs, Oh My!

President Obama’s last great push to slow the oceans’ rise and heal our planet is going to really hurt.

A Free Market Guide To Assessing Reform Conservative Policies

The right’s reform agenda should be based on a few fundamental, free market principles on which most conservatives and libertarians can agree.

The Unemployment Insurance Surreality Continues

Yes, liberals made severe labor force attrition a focal point of their emergency unemployment insurance advocacy.

Paul Krugman and Poverty Traps: The Pot Calling the Kettle Hack

It’s almost enough to think that Krugman really doesn’t care about poverty traps as much as he cares about pushing cheap political hits.

The Mythology And Reality Of Unemployment Benefits

Paul Krugman remains convinced that North Carolina’s unemployment “experiment” is a disaster, regardless of what the data actually say.

Like The Rest Of Us, Krugman Doesn’t Know If North Carolina’s “Experiment” Is Working

It’s too early to tell if North Carolina’s “experiment” cutting unemployment benefits is working. Thus, it’s completely misleading for Paul Krugman and his ideological allies to claim that they do.

What North Carolina Teaches Us About Unemployment Benefits And Confirmation Bias

Does North Carolina’s experiment in unemployment benefit reduction spell disaster? Only if you ignore the data.

Obamacare And The Real Wonk Gap

Journalists have openly asked a seemingly-innocent question: How could the American media fail to see Obamacare’s failure coming? Have they looked in the mirror?