Rebeccah Heinrichs
Rebeccah Heinrichs
Rebeccah Heinrichs

Rebeccah Heinrichs is a fellow at the Hudson Institute, specializing in missile defense and nuclear deterrence. Follow her on Twitter @RLHeinrichs.

Why It’s Important To Tell The Truth About ISIS’s Christian Targets

If our leaders will not be honest about the roots of ISIS’s rage, Americans cannot trust them to protect us.

How To Thread The Needle On Syrian Refugees

No one is unpatriotic or unchristian for saying we should or should not let in Syrian refugees. Here’s the most prudent course of action.

President Obama Allows A Literal War On Women

The Obama administration’s disastrous foreign policies and refusal to identify the root of the problem have allowed brutal oppressors of women and children to thrive.

Hillary Clinton Backs Obama Foreign Policies That Prompted Advisor Revolt

President Obama’s advisors are fleeing the administration as U.S. policies allow the world to descend into dangerous chaos. But Hillary Clinton’s still on board.

Let’s Get Some Perspective On That Iran Letter

The Obama administration lets a terrorist-supporting country march toward nuclear weapons, and U.S. senators note U.S. law regarding international treaties. Which is damaging U.S. interests?