Paul Bonicelli
Paul Bonicelli
Paul Bonicelli

Bonicelli served in the George W. Bush administration. His career includes a presidential appointment with Senate confirmation as assistant administrator at the U.S. Agency for International Development; as a professional staff member of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives; and as a delegate to the United Nations General Assembly. He holds a PhD in political science from the University of Tennessee.

What Colleges Should Do About Campus Chaos

Boards of trustees at the campuses afflicted with student unrest need to take decisive action. The rest of us need to apologize to millennials.

What Netanyahu Gets Wrong About Toppling Dictators

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu used Jeanne Kirkpatrick’s essay the way many people have been using it for years, and it risks distorting her views.

The College Kids Are Not All Right

A new book by a Stanford dean identifies the problems of millennials and their parents, but fails to grasp the moral nature of these generational failings.

How To Salvage Obama’s Failed Cuba Initiative

Congress doesn’t have to sit on its hands as President Obama reinforces Cuba’s oppressive regime.

China’s President Arrives Triumphantly In Washington DC

China doesn’t fear crossing American interests, thanks to Barack Obama.

Who’s To Blame For Europe’s Asylum Seekers?

When you combine American foreign-policy failure with unwise immigration policies in Europe, you get a human wave.

The University Of Tennessee’s Pronoun Problems Indict Higher Education

Pushing ‘gender-neutral pronouns’ such as ‘xe’ and ‘zir’ are what colleges do nowadays instead of actually adding value to society.

When Is A Refugee Really A Migrant?

It is important to understand who is trying desperately to get into Europe and exactly why they are.

Chelsea To Mom And Dad: The United Nations Sucks

Every time undue plaudits and deference are accorded to the United Nations, we should bring Chelsea Clinton’s private memo out of the drawer and wave it about.

The Flaw In The Iran Deal That Even A Child Can See

Obama’s idea is that a cowed and bowed America will induce good behavior from its enemies.

Obama Turns The Other Cheek In Iran Deal

Iran gave up almost nothing and got most of what it wanted, maybe more than it dreamed possible.

The Negotiator-In-Chief Gets What He Wants

President Obama is not an idiot. When he negotiates away U.S. security, he’s doing it on purpose.

How Russian Culture Enables Vladimir Putin’s Global Aggression

Under Vladimir Putin, Russia is returning to the only thing it has ever really been: an armed and insular state guided by absolutism.

Venezuela Is Not Ukraine …Yet

Venezuela has a moderate democratic opposition, no outside power keeping dictators in power, and the potential to be an important trading country.

Why USAID Is Pulling Out Of Ecuador

The Obama administration is shuttering the USAID office in Ecuador for good reasons. But it should contemplate what role it has played in this turn of events.