Mitchell Blatt
Mitchell Blatt
Mitchell Blatt

Mitchell Blatt is a columnist and freelance writer based in China who covers politics and travel. He is the editor of Bombs and Dollars and the lead author of Panda Guides’ Hong Kong guidebook. He has been published at Washington, Daily, The, and Newsbusters, among other outlets.

Columba Bush Is No Hillary Clinton

Jeb Bush’s unassuming wife has begun to surface during his campaign for president.

Don’t Shame Chrissie Hynde For Owning A Bad Decision That Led To Her Assault

If it ‘sounds like common sense’ to not get high and hang out with motorcycle gangs, you aren’t alone. So why are people attacking rocker Chrissie Hynde?

Keep Speaking Spanish, Jeb Bush

If no Republican politician communicates to Spanish-speaking groups in their language of choice, the Republican Party will have a harder time earning their support.

Immigration Needs Fixing, Not The Language

We do not want to label immigration a crime. We should welcome immigrants. That is why it is important to call illegal immigrants what they are.

Stuart Stevens On Taking The Field, From Football To The Presidency

Campaign operative Stuart Stevens talks about his new book, growing up in the South, football and boxing, running campaigns for George W. Bush and Mitt Romney, and 2016.

Democrats Have A Bernie Sanders Problem

Democrat’s difficulties to distinguish themselves from Bernie Sanders’ socialism reveal how the party has shifted.

The Military Isn’t A Jobs Program

If becoming a citizen of the United States isn’t a right but a privilege, what better way for foreign citizens to earn it than by defending our freedom?

How American Expats Can Represent Their Country

Here’s what it feels like to be an American expat living in China.

Hamas Can Promote Genocide But Don’t Quote Them

New York City bus ads quote a Hamas music video that calls killing Jews ‘worship.’ Outrage ensues, but not against Hamas.

Duke University Sides With Islamists Against Feminist Speaker

Universities appear to be giving more credence to hardline Islamists who oppose free speech. Even liberals are targeted for contradicting Islamic doctrine.

Diversity Is Racist: The Absurd Reaction To Apple’s New Emojis

You never knew emoticons could be so evil.

Indiana-Shunners Do Business With Countries That Kill Gay People

Apparently, a bunch of governors and CEOs think states that allow people to bow out of gay weddings for the sake of religious convictions are worse than countries that stone gay people to death.

Banning Secure Apps Won’t Increase Information Security

Lawmakers should not ban encrypted communications apps. Criminals aren’t the only ones who want to keep their information secure online.

Let’s Blame Christianity For Everything, And Islam For Nothing

The media’s double standard on discussing Islam’s problem with violence is preventing the public discussion that could help reduce it.