Matthew Cochran
Matthew Cochran

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How Empathy Is Killing Us

Empathy is great, when it’s connected to things that deserve pity and concern. When it goes postal, so do we.

Let The Left Destigmatize Racism

When ‘racism’ primarily describes the trivial and the innocuous, it becomes absurd to consider racism consequential and injurious.

A Former Fecundophobe’s Reflections On Fatherhood

I used to dislike children. Now I’m a father, by choice. Here’s what fatherhood means to me.

There Is No Wage Gap: Feminists Want Equal Pay for Unequal Work

Perhaps it is time for the West to get over its ill-conceived love affair with feminism and embrace the so-called wage gap as a blessing instead of a curse.

Religious Freedom Is Not Dangerous, But Losing It Is

The people who think they’re being moderate by subjugating religious freedom to special-interest groups forget there’s no reasoning with or safety around a mob.

Ending The Real Rape Culture

The sexual revolution has so skewed our perspectives that undesirable gray areas like drunken hookups have become a matter of everyday life for some women. This is the real rape culture.

Stop Equality-Mongering Before It Destroys Us

Although the word is shouted far and wide, we seldom consider what we actually mean by equality. And what we usually mean is wrong.

Conservatism Is Obsolete

Our culture and political institutions have become so rotten that conserving them will preserve the injuries they do us all. Time to reform society from the bottom up.

It’s Past Time To Reconsider The Place Of College

The more we insist everyone must attend college, the less colleges will offer what students need.

Four Myths About The ‘Helpless’ Single Woman

Expecting to find a husband and actively pursuing marriage are not necessarily the same thing, single ladies.

The Cultivation of Shame

It is time we get over the outdated notion of being ashamed of shame.

For Religious Liberty, Desperate Times; Faithful Measures

Once all other gods are deemed unfit to prompt public behavior, the only god Americans will be allowed to truly follow will be the State.

Giving Marriage the Old College Try

Parents spend amazing amounts of time and money preparing children for college. Why don’t they make any effort to prepare them for marriage?

Are Men Irrational For Opting Out Of Education, Careers, And Families?

Casual sex and video game playing aren’t irrational choices for men. For civilization, they’re much more problematic.