Joseph A. Wulfsohn
The Media Can’t Recover Legitimacy Until It Stops Being Baited By Trump’s Empty Threats

The legitimate arguments the media make about the president’s treatment of them is overshadowed by their unhinged overreaction to the tweets and the jabs.

Michelle Wolf Shouldn’t Apologize For Her Disgusting WHCD Monologue

Comedian Michelle Wolf was hired to do a job, and she did it. The people who hired her knew what they were getting, and they should apologize.

How Kanye West Became A Warrior For Free Thought In America

Not only did Candace Owens inspire Kanye West, West inspired Chance the Rapper, who declared ‘black people don’t have to be Democrats.’ It was a ripple effect.

Let’s Apply The Sean Hannity Standard To ‘Objective’ Journalists With Hidden Political Ties

If Hannity is going to face such scrutiny, other self-proclaimed objective journalists should too.

James Comey’s Book Reveals He Has A Lot In Common With Hillary Clinton

As James Comey determined back in 2016, Hillary Clinton was ‘extremely careless’ with her handling of classified information—but so was he.

Free-Speech Liberal Bill Maher Defends Laura Ingraham In David Hogg Spat

‘Really? Is that American?’ Bill Maher angrily asked. ‘And he complains about bullying? … You shouldn’t do this by team, you should do it by principle.’

Kevin Williamson Firing Tightens Social Media Mobs’ Hold On Civil Discourse

Demonizing millions of good people, like Kevin Williamson, for believing what they believe or voting who they voted for is poisonous to our country.

March For Our Lives Blames Everyone Except Those Who Failed to Protect Parkland

These rallies blamed the NRA for something out of its control. Yet they spent virtually no time on those who actually have control: law enforcement.

Why People Need To Stop Calling The Austin Bomber A ‘Terrorist’

Until the Austin bomber’s motivation is discovered, what he did wasn’t terrorism, and if he were alive today, he wouldn’t be charged as a terrorist.

Twitter Would Rather Punish Conservative Steven Crowder Than Anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan

What’s so egregious about Twitter’s policing isn’t so much that it shut down Steven Crowder (although that is still egregious) but what Twitter allows on its site instead.