Jay Hobbs
Jay Hobbs
Jay Hobbs is deputy director of media communications for Alliance Defending Freedom, which represents Jack Phillips and Masterpiece Cakeshop.
Fact Check: Abortion Is Not ‘The Most Safest Medical Procedure In America’

NARAL Pro-Choice America’s California state director Amy Everitt wants the world to believe that ‘abortion is the most safest medical procedure in America.’

At March For Life, Single Mom Personifies The Power To Overcome Evil With Good

Janai was only a few classes shy of earning her bachelor’s degree when she was date-raped. She kept her baby.

Oklahoma Lawmakers Shouldn’t Force Abortionists To Post Pro-Life Messages

Coercion is not a good look on the abortion lobby, and it’s not something the pro-life movement ought to emulate. We should be arguing about abortion, not speech rights.

Considering An Abortion Leader For DNC Chair Confirms Democrats Are Sorely Out Of Touch

The party insists on advancing an agenda that the average voter does not want—so why don’t they just form a new pro-abortion party?

‘I’m Not Killing My Baby If There’s A Heartbeat’: How April Chose Life

There was nothing easy or convenient about a new pregnancy for April—but she refused to turn to abortion for answers. And Blessing Jubilee was born.

4 Ways Hillary Clinton Will Increase Abortion As President

Christian and pro-life voters face a difficult choice in 2016. But despite the weaknesses of other candidates, Hillary Clinton should not make the list.

No, Rachel Held Evans, Voting For Hillary Clinton Is Not Pro-Life

The party of Hillary Clinton officially endorses unfettered killing of babies in the same earthly situation as Jesus. And they want to use my money to do that.

You Won’t Believe This Front-Page Headline A Day After Whole Woman’s Health

A mother convicted for killing her baby without the help of Planned Parenthood understands the abortion end-game: ‘No more baby.’

Pro-Abortion Activists Oppose Free Car Seats For Needy Babies

How committed to abortion do you have to be to fight free car seats? Committed enough to be earning a six-figure salary while providing nothing to needy women and children.

5 Things Planned Parenthood Can Learn From Pregnancy Centers

Planned Parenthood has finally decided it wants to be ‘human-centered.’ It has a lot to learn about that.