James Dawson
James Dawson

James Dawson has written more than 1,000 movie reviews and feature
articles for various print publications and websites. His work has appeared in places ranging from The Los Angeles Times to Penthouse Forum to a Marvel Comics “Silver Surfer” anthology. His personal website is iDawson.com.

Ryan Gosling Sleepwalks As Neil Armstrong In Downbeat ‘First Man’

‘First Man’ has a plot, but seems to be shot at a remove from the characters, meanders without becoming involving, and has puzzling ideas about children.

Scary-Good ‘Venom’ Is Perfect Halloween Season Antihero

‘Venom’ is the first movie in what Sony hopes to construct as a separate universe from the one where Spider-Man now hangs out with The Avengers.

‘BlacKkKlansman’ Undercuts Its Message By Wildly Overplaying Its Material

The extra ‘K’ that makes the movie’s title look ridiculous is emblematic of what’s wrong with the film as a whole: it ends up being an unnecessary and distracting detraction.

‘The First Purge’ should Stick A Fork In The Politically Confused Series

The ‘Purge’ films invert political reality by making religious conservatives the ones in favor of lax crime laws that make the streets more dangerous.

Violently Hilarious ‘Deadpool’ Sequel Outguns The Original

‘Deadpool 2’ has more action, laughs, and story than the first. It also tosses in enough heart to sweeten things up, without getting too sickening.

In Super-Sized ‘Avengers: Infinity War,’ More Is Definitely More

Whatever your jam may be—fantasy, SF, action, horror, comedy, or melodrama—it’s guaranteed to be somewhere in this packed conglomeration.

‘You Were Never Really Here’ Is A Tragic, 21st-Century Version Of ‘Taxi Driver’

In this grim noir thriller, Joaquin Phoenix plays the disconnected loner Joe as a sadder and more tragically human version of Robert De Niro’s Travis Bickle from 1976’s ‘Taxi Driver.’

‘Chappaquiddick’ Plays 1969’s Ted Kennedy Scandal Straight

Ted Kennedy remains the prime example of a politician who retained forgive-anything followers after committing what should have been considered a capital crime.

‘Ready Player One’ Is A Kitchen Sink Throwback Failure

The film is essentially a bizarre ‘things were better back then’ attempt to ignore not only the future but also the present by clinging to the past.

You’ll Like ‘Isle Of Dogs’ No Matter How Old You Are

These animated dogs will become your best friends.

It’s Official. ‘A Wrinkle in Time’ Is A Disastrous Adaptation Of The Book

The screenplay contains an unbelievable amount of annoying and totally unnecessary deviations from the novel.