Dan McLaughlin
Dan McLaughlin
Dan McLaughlin
Dan McLaughlin is a lawyer practicing in New York. He blogs on politics, baseball, war, law and pop culture at BaseballCrank.com and is a contributing editor at RedState.com. He can be found on Twitter at @baseballcrank.
Why Selling Health Insurance Across State Lines Is a Good Thing

Selling health insurance across state lines wouldn’t be a panacea, but it would be a good policy step.

Can Hillary Clinton Recover From Her Support Of The Iraq War?

Hillary Clinton’s best hope of reconciling with those who fail to understand or accept the basis of her Iraq War vote is to bank on yesterday staying gone.

In Defense Of Homeownership (Or, Why Food And Housing Are Different)

People treat homeownership differently than the purchase of food. Could that be because food and housing are different?

Has Ezra Klein Made a Huge Mistake?

It is striking and puzzling to see people who made the leap from the outsider status of blogs to the big league mainstream outlets deciding to go in the other direction.

Ten Foreign Policy Principles For The Next Republican Administration

A debate over foreign policy is here on the right. These ten principles should form the policy framework for the next Republican administration.

Five Key Lessons On Presidents’ Day From Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln never budged on his principles, but also never let them stand in the way of a practical assessment of what was possible.

Bill De Blasio’s Law Enforcement Racket

Is Bill de Blasio about to take New York City’s public safety back to the bad old days of rampant street crime and murder – or is it just a charade?

Nelson Mandela, Ronald Reagan And The Cold War

Ronald Reagan was wrong about Nelson Mandela but right about the world. Mandela was wrong about the world but right about South Africa. That’s what really matters.

Why Obamacare Can’t Quit The Individual Mandate

Any delay of the individual mandate could risk lawsuits that would undermine the legal positions the Obama Administration took to defend the mandate.

Baseball’s 400 Win Club Is Bigger Than You Think

Let’s take a new look at an old-fashioned topic – analyzing baseball’s winningest pitchers.

How Obamacare Burns the Ships

Like Cortés, the Democrats want to burn the current healthcare system to ashes so no future Congress can rebuild it if Obamacare doesn’t work.

Welcome to Neoconworld

Twelve years after the September 11 attacks, threats of American involvement in Syria’s civil war have refocused attention on the region at the heart of our foreign policy.