Daniel J. Mitchell
Daniel J. Mitchell

Daniel J. Mitchell is a Senior Fellow at the Cato Institute.

Minimum-Wage Laws Are a Triumph of Emotion over Logic

Understanding “unintended consequences” is a key characteristic of a good economist. Those who peddle minimum wage, do not.

The Three Best and Three Worst Policy Developments of 2014

Now it’s time for a look back at 2014 to see what policy is worth celebrating and what are reasons for despair.

Debunking the Debunking of Dynamic Scoring and the Laffer Curve

What people get wrong about the Joint Committee on Taxation, the Congressional Budget Office and the Laffer Curve.

The Federal Government Has Quietly Frozen Spending Since 2009

The burden of government spending, relative to the economy’s productive sector, has been declining.

Hey, Ho, Hey, Ho: These Bureaucracies Have Got To Go

These two ‘nonpartisan’ bureaucracies strive to raise your taxes and expand entitlements. Time for Congress to fix a system rigged against our liberties.

Message for the Pope: Caring for the Poor Doesn’t Make You a Communist, But Advancing Statism Makes You Misguided

If the Pope wants to help the poor, he should push for economic growth rather than redistribution.

The New York Times Accidentally Admits Privatized Social Security Is Better

The Dutch have a retirement system based on private savings and private investment. And it works really well.

The Radical Environmental Agenda Should Be Rejected, Even If Global Warming Is Real

While I’m pro-environment, I’m anti-environmentalist. Simply stated, too many of these people are nuts.

The OECD’s Scheme to Raise Tax Burdens on Workers, Consumers, and Investors

Remember: People pay every single penny of tax that politicians impose on corporations.

Birth Control, Third-Party Payer, and the Politicization of Health Care

America’s health care system is a mess, and we can assign almost all the blame on government.

The Simple Lesson We Should Learn from Global Economics

I very rarely feel sorry for statists. But I get especially irked when their authoritarian policies hurt the most vulnerable in society.

Lower Tax Rates vs. Targeted Tax Credits

Wading into the tax fight between reform conservatives and supply-siders.

Instead of Talking Points, A Real Jobs Agenda

It may not be an agenda tailored to appeal to politicians, but the best way to create jobs is to get government to stop trying to help.

Obama’s Stimulus: Five Years of Keynesian Fairy Dust

If this was a successful Keynesian stimulus, it takes a vivid imagination to see what failure looks like.