Andrew Quinn
Andrew Quinn
Andrew Quinn

Andrew Quinn is a writer and strategist based in Washington DC. He works as a director at the American Enterprise Institute, where he coordinates the office and projects of AEI president Arthur Brooks. His writing has been published in The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and elsewhere; and a rock and hip-hop musician with several groups in the DC area.

More People On Medicaid Does Not Mean Obamacare Is A Success

Obamacare defenders insist the Medicaid expansion is the one bright spot in Obamacare. They’re wrong. Medicaid will not redeem Obamacare.

Mike Lee and the Primacy of Practice

It’s time for conservatives to stop searching for salvation in the stratosphere and begin assembling practical policies.

The Shutdown Was As American As Apple Pie

The dust has cleared. The din is fading. Washington licks its wounds. Was the shutdown worth it?