Anna Mussmann
Anna Mussmann

Anna Mussmann is a stay-at-home mom who writes during nap time. She is fascinated by old books, ideas, and historic philosophies of education. Her work can also be found on the blog

Millennials Think Authority Figures Are Untrustworthy Idiots, And Modern Culture Is To Blame

Many young adults feel that they live in a world where family and community have eroded to the point of dysfunction. Culture isn’t helping.

Put the Sword Down, Bilbo Baggins! Domesticity and The Hobbit

Peter Jackson’s movies about Middle Earth display enthusiasm for Tolkien’s world. Yet in one important regard, they are sadly ill-conceived.

Facebook Mobs and the Death of Individuality

We’ve lost respect for the individuality of those who disagree with us and for our own individuality as a force that can exist without community support.

Death Doesn’t Care If You’re Sexy

Our culture’s sexual radar cuts everyone off from platonic intimacies that were once widely accepted.