Amy Otto
Amy Otto
Amy Otto

Amy Otto’s work has also been published at Townhall, Pocket Full of Liberty, and the UK site The Conservative Woman. She has co-hosted The Wrap and Splintered Caucus, weekly podcasts that covered culture and politics. Follow her on Twitter, @AmyOtto8.

In Defense Of Diamonds

The Week hosted an annual feminist ritual of ruining things that are awesome for women. This time, men are literally shackling women up. That’s right: shackling women in Read Full Article >

Jonathan Gruber’s Deception Began Long Before Obamacare Passed

The Obama administration paid economist Jonathan Gruber $400,000 to testify for the Affordable Care Act, and appears to have deeply influenced what he said.

The Top Five Reasons Marriage And Children Benefit Working Women

President Obama doesn’t understand the research about working moms. They actually get more done, become better managers, and have a higher quality of life.

Ten Ways The Public Sector Is Failing And The Private Sector Is Succeeding Against Ebola

Who’s best suited to fight Ebola? Not government agencies.

Women Risk Losing Discretion In Push For Affirmative Consent

A new sexual consent law in California has Progressives pushing for a return to the kind of sexual arrangements they decry as regressive.

Stop Perpetually Flogging The Bridget Jones Voter

How the Right can start speaking to female voters on their own terms.

Five Mind-Blowing Ways Cosmopolitan Will Push Policies That Harm Women

Cosmopolitan Magazine will be telling women they can’t get paid, get laid, or use contraception without a politician’s blessing.

The Word ‘Sex’ Isn’t What It Used To Be

Expect more agitation from the activist class to push for ‘equal’ sexual outcomes and broader definitions of what sex is.

The Republicans’ Confidence Crisis

In the age of political correctness, Republicans who say and do least are king. Even they believe it.

Six Photo Ops President Obama Is ‘Not Interested In’

The man who slow-jammed with Jimmy Fallon and learns about administrative scandals from CNN says he’s ‘not interested’ in photo ops.

Don’t Fall For These Six Myths About Monogamy

Marriage and its necessary component, monogamy, are still the best game in town.

The Obama Administration Is Pretending We’re A Nation Without Borders

The Obama administration is directly facilitating illegal immigration, and in the process facilitating drug and sex trafficking.

Who Says the Republican Party Can’t Run on Handouts?

Government regulations pilfer nearly $2 trillion from family pocketbooks every year. Time to take handouts from cronies and give them back to taxpayers.

How To Talk About Michelle Obama’s School Lunch Fail

When things like bad school lunches hurt children, people respond.

What Andy Warhol Understood About Social Media

We can now carefully curate our lives on social media, creating a false “celebrity” persona to project to the world.

How Jill Abramson’s Firing Harms Women. It’s Not What You Think

Embracing the idea of a “protected class” may hurt your ability to move up the ladder.

What Subway Teaches Us About the Minimum Wage

The minimum wage forces the allocation of capital in the same manner without any consideration of the size or growth goals of a business.

What Floyd Mayweather Tells Us About Manhood And Abortion

Eviscerating men’s honor and disdaining their protective instincts is leaving them rudderless and without ambition.

Paul Ryan Isn’t Wrong On Poverty. But The Media Is.

The media’s interest in poverty as a political cudgel hurts America and its most vulnerable.

How I Made My Peace With Princess Culture

Many women are worried about how to shield their daughters from the negative influence of Disney princesses. Not me.