A.D.P. Efferson
A.D.P. Efferson
Allysen Efferson

Mrs. Efferson has an M.S. in speech language pathology, and an M.S. in counseling psychology. She writes on mental health issues, and is a therapist in east Tennessee.

The Psychology Behind The Trump Phenomenon

If so many Americans think Donald Trump is the cure, what do they think is the disease?

‘Aliens’ Is Really A War Movie

James Cameron took Ridley Scott’s perfect science fiction thriller and made it into a military action flick.

Some Ways To Cope With Grief During The Holidays

Last Christmas, many times I asked when the pain would end, sometimes through desperate, angry tears. Here are some things that helped me and may help you.

Why Good People Support Planned Parenthood

As genocide studies reveal, we are all capable of justifying and committing extreme evil under the right circumstances.

How Many Laws Are Based On Psychology’s Bad Science?

The replication crisis calls into question the entire process by which psychology research arrives at results—and all the laws based that research.

5 Tips For Handling Government Employees

Logic doesn’t work. Neither does swearing. If you want to get through fifty-four forms and a phalanx of indolent government employees, try this, instead.

Christians Could Acquiesce On Abortion Like They Are On Gay Marriage

Recent history tells us that Hillary Clinton’s suggestion that religious beliefs will change to accommodate abortion is entirely plausible.