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7 Times John Roberts Was A Leftist Hack

…individual mandate. It’s fine, Roberts unreasonably reasoned, because Congress has the power to tax. Then in 2015, Roberts again saved the Affordable Care Act in King v. Burwell, when he…

It’s True, The Oscars Snubbed Jennifer Lopez

…that was thanks in no small part to Lopez’s performance. She deserved a nod. Even pitted against Johansson’s striking turn in “Jojo Rabbit,” Lopez may actually have deserved the win….

The Supreme Court and the End of the Umpire

…what it should be.” As my colleague Mollie Hemingway put it: The Roberts who wrote today’s dissent should talk to the Roberts who wrote yesterday’s decision and really hash things…

The Accidentally Racist Oscars

…get the point—Hollywood and the Oscars really want to give non-white actors an opportunity to shine. Audiences just won’t let them. Perhaps the Oscars wouldn’t have to be so white…

Get Into ‘The Food Lab’

…by J. Kenji Lopez-Alt. Whether it’s finding a way to ensure a tasty steak or create one of cooking’s trickiest sauces without fear, Lopez-Alt finds a way to break the…

Why Duck Dynasty Threatens The Left

…lives of the Robertsons revolve around their church, kids’ activities, work and family get-togethers. Because of their honesty about struggles with alcoholism, drugs and overcoming poverty, the Robertsons demonstrate that…

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