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Three Reasons Kamala Harris Crashed

Sen. Kamala Harris, once considered a 2020 presidential Democratic frontrunner, ended her bid for the nomination on Tuesday, citing a lack of funds. “I’m not a billionaire. I can’t fund…

Kamala Harris Claims It’s ‘Almost Impossible’ For Rural Americans To Make A Photocopy

…seeming incredibly out of touch with Americans. Harris’s remarks ignore the fact that there are countless ways in which Americans can photocopy their IDs, from cheap…

Kamala Harris Plants Her Flag On the Far Left

In what CNN called the first major prime time event of the 2020 presidential election, Senator Kamala Harris swung for the fences and consistently pulled the ball to left field….

Biden Breaks Promise To Increase Refugee Admissions, Keeps Quotas Kamala Harris Condemned Under Trump

…for refugees. Biden’s decision not to raise the historically low cap on refugees marks a significant reversal from his campaign pledge to “reassert America’s commitment to asylum-seekers…

Andrew Yang Has More Support Than Kamala Harris In Her Home State, New Poll Reveals

…Wrecks Kamala Harris Over Abusive Prosecutorial Record Harris was polling at approximately 15 percent after the first round of Democratic debates, on par with candidates such as Warren and…

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