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Republicans Keep Losing Because They’re Reactive, Not Proactive

If the Republican grassroots can mobilize, and GOP leadership can commit to fighting at the state level, profound change will be inevitable.


The left is already working to sabotage President Trump’s next administration. From stockpiling abortion pills to drafting preemptive lawsuits, Democrats are preparing to resist a conservative White House in 2025. While their tactics may seem extreme, Republicans can learn from this vast resistance network. We already possess the means to enact significant change outside D.C., and some Republican leaders have been doing this for years.

Whether it’s defying federal agencies in Texas, withdrawing from nonsensical climate law in Virginia, or removing radical district attorneys in Florida, Republicans with the guts to find real solutions have been resisting the degenerative Democrat agenda around the country.

The question becomes: Why isn’t this sort of politics standard procedure for all Republicans? Where is the creativity and the will to pursue effective policy regardless of the political circumstances? You wouldn’t know it from the headlines, but Republicans hold trifecta control over the state governments of 23 states — six more than the Democrats hold.

Forget a national divorce, Republicans control nearly half of the country. With 23 states under Republican trifecta control, there is a unique opportunity to implement a cohesive conservative strategy that reflects Republican values and rejects Democrat-induced decay. This strategy requires a shift in mindset from defense to offense, from reacting to Democrat policies to proactively shaping the future.

Democrats have no issues with a comprehensive national strategy that leans on state and local leaders. The New York Times describes “a sprawling network of Democratic officials, progressive activists, and ex-Republicans” gathering strength and organizing to resist a future Trump term. A lowly New York district attorney just successfully convicted a former president of the United States. Red-state district attorneys need to start getting proactive.

Conservative leaders around the country need to take note, stop competing with each other for money and influence, and start combatting the left. Success is not earned through infighting; it’s earned through proactive leadership. State leadership can resist federal overreach by asserting states’ rights and challenging unconstitutional mandates. Republican leaders can work together across state lines to share best practices, coordinate efforts, and build a robust network of conservative governance.

If done correctly, Republican-controlled states will serve as a counterbalance to the federal government, providing a check on its power and demonstrating alternative governance. By serving as a living example of the success of conservative policies at the state level, Congress will have clear direction.

However, this strategy requires a concerted effort from all Republican leaders. It demands creativity, courage, and a willingness to push the boundaries of what is considered possible. It requires a commitment to the long-term goal of reclaiming America through effective governance, rather than short-term political victories.

The good news is that this sort of leadership is tremendously popular. Greg Abbott has an 85 percent approval rating among Texas Republicans. Ron DeSantis polled as high as 90 percent with Florida Republicans, even after a nasty primary. The lesson is clear: Conservative leaders who have been proactive in fighting the left and resisting the overreach of the federal government have been our biggest stars. Republicans who are willing to fight will be rewarded.

To this end, the Republican Party must also work to engage and mobilize its base at the state level. Grassroots activism is crucial for sustaining momentum and ensuring that conservative policies are implemented and upheld. By building strong relationships with local communities, Republican leaders can create a groundswell of support that drives meaningful change.

Local races are cheaper to win, but the Democrats are turning their attention to down-ballot races too. We have a tendency to ignore local issues because they feel less important than the spectacle at the national level. Most people can name the latest controversy out of Congress, but few can say that they voted in the last mayoral race.

Now is the perfect time to start retaking our country from the ground up. Infrequent voters, who traditionally lean Democrat, are starting to favor Trump for the first time. If the Republican grassroots can mobilize effectively, and Republican leadership can commit to fighting at the state level, profound change will be inevitable.

The left’s preparations to sabotage President Trump’s next administration highlight the challenges that lie ahead. However, they also provide the blueprint for Republicans looking to make a real and immediate difference. The power to reclaim America is already within our grasp — we just need the vision and determination to seize it.

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