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The Left’s Marriage And Family Dilemma Is A Nuclear Self-Own

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The left’s anti-family ideology took hold and replicated so strongly that this virus will end up killing its hosts.


Breaking news: Conservatives believe in marriage and babies more than liberals do.

This is not exactly a groundbreaking observation. But a recent Pew survey made news last week when it revealed that the political divide over having a family is not just real — it’s spectacular. It’s enormous. There is a full 40-point difference between the two sides on this issue!

“The percent of Trump supporters who say society is “better off if people make marriage and having children a priority is 59%, compared to 19% of Biden voters.” Just 19 percent! 

That seems pretty bad. But what looks like a glitch to normal people is a key feature of anti-human leftist ideology. In other words, that 19 percent means liberalism is working as intended. It’s the result of years of mass indoctrination through K-12 education and the media convincing women to prioritize careers and themselves over a husband and parenthood.

It’s not a shock to learn that conservatives tend to believe in marriage and family more than liberals do. After all, tradition is our brand. Meanwhile, liberal women (but I repeat myself) are groomed from preschool to meticulously avoid pregnancy at all costs using a dizzying array of pills, devices, shots, inserts, implants, and various unguents to prevent implantation of a fertilized egg. 

If all of that fails, there are emergency pills and potions to save you from the permanent curse of parenthood. And if those don’t work, a few hours on an operating table expressing your commitment to reproductive justice will do the trick.

“Planned Parenthood” did just that: It tricked young people into “planning parenthood” — delaying it indefinitely until it’s too late. Who needs to brutally enforce a Chinese-style “One Child” solution when leftists in the U.S. will simply choose to self-sterilize? Truly diabolical.

It’s important to point out that keeping people atomized and sterilized is part of the plan. Just as elections can’t be stolen without the mass adoption of mail-in ballots, a legacy population cannot be peacefully replaced without the mass adoption of cheap, easily accessible birth control — and the belief that marriage and children are a low-status dead end for a woman.

A person with no one to feed and nothing to protect (or protect them) will happily form a close, intimate bond with their “community” or their “government.” And, crucially, will obey their dictates without complaint.

Among liberals who do manage to have children, families tend to be small. Two children max, please. After all, there is a climate to save and mom’s yoga time to preserve!

Marriage is given the same threadbare carpet treatment as childbirth. Rates of marriage are plummeting. 

This is obvious even if you don’t know the real numbers. Conservatives tend to encourage their kids to try to get married in their twenties and start a family. Liberal parents encourage their daughters to freeze their eggs and go “explore themselves” for a few or 15 years. (This usually means they will be exploring the dosage instructions that come with virulent STD medications.)

The plummeting birth and marriage rates are so alarming, and the solution so simple and profound, that I published a whole book about it last year. Domestic Extremist was written in response to the attempt by the left to turn concerned parents into literal domestic terrorists. The irony is that parents of big families are not actual domestic extremists; we are just extremely domestic. 

But this innocent preference for family over state does in a way make us a threat to the powers that be — which is why we should continue encouraging our own kids to be domestic in the extreme.

The widespread rejection of normal human relationships such as spouse and child is sad. I feel bad for these people! But it is also a nuclear self-own. Their anti-family ideology took hold and replicated so strongly that this virus will end up killing its hosts. Leftists who reject family in favor of other priorities will not be able to pass on their values. Their values will die with them. 

They are going extinct — and doing it on purpose.

Conservatives spend a lot of time worrying that leftists are going to get us all killed — either by triggering a nuclear war or another plandemic or by welcoming an illegal, murderous border “newcomer.” But we can’t forget that the main population leftists are busy killing off is their own future descendants. They may be importing millions of foreigners to replace us, but we are also doing our part to replace them.

Have babies, if you can. More than two, if you can. One day, when my dozen or so grandchildren ask me why bird-brained leftists went the way of the Dodo, I will tell them the truth: They didn’t listen to your grandmother.

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