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Breaking News Alert Report: Trump Rally Assassin Hid Gun On Site Before The Event

The Martyring Of Hunter Biden Is A Distraction

The most important thing to remember isn’t the conviction or addiction, it’s the cover up.


First, let’s dispel the myth that Hunter Biden’s conviction on gun charges proves that Joe Biden’s Department of Justice dispenses justice fairly.

Democrats contend that Hunter is only facing gun charges because he’s the president’s son. While it’s true lying on a background check is rarely prosecuted, it’s mostly because people tend to avoid confessing in their published memoirs.

Indeed, Hunter is exceptionally lucky he’s only facing tax and gun charges. Though, perhaps, lucky is the wrong word.

It wasn’t luck, after all, that AG Merrick Garland did basically everything within his power to keep Hunter out of a courtroom. After the Trump DOJ dragged its feet, Garland made sure to try and wait out the statute of limitations on Hunter’s most serious potential crimes. On many, he did.

It wasn’t luck that Garland named Delaware’s David Weiss, whose office was filled with Biden allies, as special counsel. It wasn’t luck that the Secret Service showed up to help Hunter with his gun problem. It wasn’t luck that the feds cooked up an astonishing customized immunity deal for Hunter, which would not only give him a pass on any felony gun and tax charges, but also on a slew of unrelated, far more serious, potential offenses, including failure to register as a foreign agent, bribery, and corruption.

Do you think anyone else gets this kind of consideration from the DOJ?

Not to mention, the DOJ would have let Hunter walk on tax charges if an IRS whistleblower (who was leading a five-year investigation into the Biden family’s dealings) hadn’t testified under oath that he was “handcuffed,” “hamstrung,” “marginalized,” and ultimately stopped by the DOJ from moving forward in the manner he would for any other tax cheat.

And if it wasn’t U.S. District Court Judge Maryellen Noreika putting the kibosh on that unprecedented immunity deal, Hunter would have gotten away with all of it.

It hardly a “conspiracy theory,” as Jonathan Chait and others contend, to note that the DOJ and prosecutors can work in concert to help Joe Biden — because this is all about protecting the president — without having a big meeting to go over all the details. It happens all the time.

Yet, rather than noting Hunter had been bequeathed this unprecedented protection, the press decided to paint a privileged middle-aged Yale-educated lawyer, international lobbyist, high-priced foreign energy consultant, and celebrated author and artist — whose works sell for upwards of a half a million dollars a pop — as a victim of circumstance, tragedy, and disease.

If you haven’t heard, Hunter suffers from an ailment that induces its victims to abandon children, write off prostitutes and drug deals as business expenses, and trade in on the family name to complete complex multi-million-dollar international deals. (Many of Biden’s alleged tax crimes occurred after he’d allegedly gotten clean and remarried. So, I wonder how the media is going to transform him into a victim in the next trial.)

Now, perhaps Biden is a changed man seeking redemption. That doesn’t erase or forgive his criminality or the fact it reveals. During the trial, an FBI agent testified that investigators confirmed that the infamous laptop had belonged to Hunter Biden.

Pretending the computer was Russian Op or that it was procured in an unprofessional manner by the New York Post was a transparent effort by the established media to cover for Joe Biden in the run-up to the 2020 presidential election. And if the laptop is real, as everyone now must admit, then the texts and emails in which Hunter references his dad’s role in securing payments and taking a 10 percent cut are also real. Those claims have already been bolstered by witnesses.

Circumstantial evidence and common sense already tells us that family business couldn’t be pulling in a dime without the participation of the president. Any responsible press would be highly curious about how the Biden family was pulling in millions from Chicoms and Ukrainians, while Joe was bragging about forging policy in that nation — among dozens of other shady issues.

They won’t be. Which is why we shouldn’t forget that the most important part of Hunter’s trial isn’t his bogus martyrdom or addiction, it’s the cover up.

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