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Press Repeats Gaza Hospital Fiasco By Parroting Hamas Propaganda On IDF Hostage Rescue

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Four hostages were freed by a daring rescue mission wherein special units ventured deep into the heart of Palestinian territory.


The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) freed four hostages over the weekend in a daring rescue mission wherein special units ventured deep into the heart of Hamas territory.

The four former hostages were kidnapped from the Nova music festival on Oct. 7, when Palestinian terrorists violated an existing ceasefire with Israel to kill more than 1,160 people. The rescue mission carried out in central Gaza was a triumph for the Israeli military, which was forced to enter civilian areas to free the hostages. The Israeli military placed the casualty count from Saturday’s rescue mission at below 100 after it initiated a bombardment to kill off the Hamas terrorists shooting at the rescuers.

Several outlets, however, responded by regurgitating casualty figures provided by Hamas, echoing the fiasco last fall when outlets blamed the bombing of a civilian hospital on the IDF.

The Associated Press spent 25 paragraphs until the paper offered proper nuance for the numbers cited from the Gaza Health Ministry under the headline, “How an Israeli raid freed 4 hostages and killed at least 274 Palestinians in Gaza.”

“The Gaza Health Ministry said 274 Palestinians were killed and around 700 were wounded,” the AP reported. “The ministry does not distinguish between civilians and combatants in its tallies, but said the dead included 64 children and 57 women.”

On Saturday, Time Magazine Editor Ian Bremmer admonished CNN for characterizing the hostage rescue as a “release” in a cable chyron as Bremmer spoke on air.

“Disappointed to see [CNN] chyron of hostage ‘release’ during my interview today when hamas did no such thing,” Bremmer wrote on X. “Anchor quickly corrected on air, but this sort of mistake (repeated by un officials and others today) is maddening.”

The network’s online story chronicling the rescue raid cited claims by “Gazan authorities” at the top of the piece that 236 Palestinians were killed and more than 400 were injured during the operation. The network didn’t clarify the uncertainty in Palestinian figures until nine grafs into the article.

“CNN has no way of verifying casualty numbers reported by Palestinian officials in Gaza,” the outlet reckoned. “Medical records in the war-town enclave do not differentiate between civilians and militants killed.”

Gazan authorities have previously inflated civilian death toll figures to depict Israeli military forces as the malevolent aggressors in the conflict triggered by the Oct. 7 Hamas attack. Last fall, Palestinian officials blamed Israel for a rocket fired on a Gaza hospital and claimed that hundreds of civilians had died as a result of the explosion. The Associated Press and the New York Times each picked up the story and uncritically cited the reported Palestinian casualty figures.

Audio and visual evidence presented by Israel, however, show the blast occurred in a parking lot and came from an Islamic Jihad rocket that misfired. American intelligence later corroborated the Israeli evidence, and western officials put the true death toll at “dozens,” not hundreds as claimed by Palestinian authorities.

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