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Despite Media Claims, Hunter Has Never Really Faced Repercussions For His Drug Antics

Hunter has hardly endured any of the real-world repercussions the average American addict suffers when they use illicit drugs.


Corporate media have embarked on a mission to make Hunter Biden’s long history of drug addiction relatable as the trial over his alleged lying about illegal substance abuse on a federal form moves ahead. The idea that Hunter’s story will resonate with millions of Americans affected by the national drug epidemic represents nothing more than a disgusting ploy by Democrats and their allies in the propaganda press to cover for President Joe Biden’s son again.

The Associated Press lamented that the entire Biden family had to undergo such a “public and expansive airing” of their dirty laundry after accounts of Hunter’s drug-addled behavior made an appearance during witness testimonies.

MSNBC Political Analyst Molly Jong-Fast claimed “The disease that Hunter Biden has is the same disease that I have.”

“It’s the same disease that, you know, almost 20 percent of the country has,” she said.

The New York Times joined the sympathetic dogpile with the headline “Hunter Biden’s Addiction Upended His Family. Has Your Family Had Similar Woes?”

There are certainly physical, mental, emotional, financial, and relational consequences that come with substance abuse. Contrary to corporate media coverage of the younger Biden and his family’s experience with his problem, however, Hunter has hardly endured any of the real-world repercussions the average American addict suffers when they use illicit drugs.

People with habitual drug problems often face charges and jail time for their crimes, which can lead to the government’s seizure of their assets and even children. Meanwhile, Hunter’s legal team, Biden’s Secret Service, and the weaponized Department of Justice exploited every inch of our nation’s two-tiered justice system to try and keep the president’s son and his trusty crack pipe out of hot water. The only kid Hunter ever lost out on was the one he deliberately distanced himself from after fathering her out of wedlock.

Speaking of losing out, CBS Sunday Morning Correspondent Tracy Smith insisted in 2021 that Hunter’s snorting problem deprived him of “clients,” “business,” and his position at the World Food Program. Despite the younger Biden’s discharge from the Navy Reserve over prohibited cocaine use, something his father claimed “wasn’t true” from the 2020 debate stage, Hunter was never really out of work due to drug addiction.

In fact, during the peak of his expensive, crack-fueled, and possibly criminal sexual escapades, Hunter was flying around the world (sometimes on Air Force Two) engaging in multimillion-dollar international influence peddling schemes that hinged on his dad’s name and position in the U.S. government.

There’s no doubt that Hunter’s behavior brought all sorts of “anguish” to his family, but not even a “lifelong” struggle with substance abuse kept them from enabling him. When he wasn’t in and out of hooker-filled hotel rooms and rehab paid for by friends and family, he always had a place to stay. Joe specifically, “never, not once” let the consequences of his son’s actions mar his belief that Hunter is not only innocent but also someone to be perpetually proud of.

Hunter’s eventual decision to allegedly drop drugs didn’t leave him building back his life, as many former addicts do. Instead, he secured a book deal that the media shamelessly promoted to tamp down concerns over his family’s overseas pay-to-play scheme.

Contrary to the message you’ll find about Hunter in corporate media coverage, the Biden son was not one of the thousands of teenage children who suddenly stumbled into the cruel and unrelenting world of illicit substances and became forever victims. Hunter repeatedly made drug and alcohol addiction his personality.

In a text to his then-girlfriend Zoe Kestan, the adult Biden admitted that even when he’s supposedly sober, “I’ll always be an addict.”

Hunter didn’t simply engage in self-destructive behaviors. He chose to bring other people like girlfriends and his late brother’s widow-turned-lover into the freak fold. His weird, sad bragging about confusing parmesan cheese crumbs for crack and doing drugs with politicians suggests he’s not very serious or sorry about his hophead past.

Millions of Americans are actively recovering from the substance abuse that kills a growing number of people each year. Their paths to recovery, no matter how hard the corrupt press suggests, likely look nothing like Hunter’s, which was handed to him on a silver platter multiple times before he allegedly decided to take advantage of it.

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