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Indictment Of Texas Doctor Who Exposed Kids’ Transing Proves No One Is Safe From Biden’s Weaponized DOJ

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Wrongthinkers like Haim will be punished beyond the bounds of the law to send a message: your dissidence will not be tolerated here.


A Texas-based general surgeon who exposed his Houston children’s hospital for secretly continuing a child transgender mutilation program faces four felony counts from President Joe Biden’s Department of Justice for speaking out.

Shortly after Texas Gov. Greg Abbott ordered his state’s Department of Family and Protective Services to investigate the transing of children as abuse in 2022, Texas Children’s Hospital — the largest children’s hospital in the U.S. — claimed that it would no longer offer chemical castration and other body-butchering services to pediatric patients.

As 33-year-old whistleblower Dr. Eithan Haim soon discovered, however, at least three Texas Children’s physicians continued to castrate children as young as 11 years old after the program was allegedly halted. The hospital also promoted procedures to cut off the breasts and genitals of physically healthy people.

A report, which Haim claims to have sourced, from the City Journal’s Christopher Rufo detailed these findings. Around that same time in May 2023, the Texas legislature passed a law banning gender experimentation on minors.

One month after that, federal agents made a “highly atypical, unexpected, and aggressive show of force” at Haim’s apartment door. They announced in a letter signed by U.S. Attorney Tina Ansari of the Southern District of Texas that he was being investigated over his presumed role in the leak of “medical records.”

In a letter to House Republicans, Haim’s lawyers detailed a long list of misconduct Ansari exercised during the investigation, including failing to review evidence before assisting the Biden administration’s attempt to charge the surgeon.

Ansari, undeterred, moved ahead with her plans to sic the feds on Haim. Most recently, the surgeon learned after a visit from U.S. marshals that he is expected in court next week to answer for a four-felony count indictment for “violating HIPAA.”

Haim said in his Give Send Go that he does not regret making Texas Children’s actions public but admitted it has cost him “the entirety of our retirement, investments, savings, and almost all of our disposable income to pay the legal bills to keep the case alive.”

“I knew that speaking out would necessarily put myself and my family at great risk, but after experiencing the extent of the corruption first-hand, it became clear that silence would never be an option,” he wrote.

Punishable by Political Prosecution

Time and time again, Biden’s DOJ has weaponized itself against pro-lifersparents, and election integrity supporters. It staunchly refused to protect Republican-nominated Supreme Court justices from coordinated influence campaigns and has tried to punish Republican states for protecting born and unborn children.

The transing of children, confirmed by a doctor targeted for trying to protect the most vulnerable from irreversible damage, is no exception.

If a Texas surgeon who rightfully blew the whistle on a child-mutilation program his state outlawed can face politically charged persecution laden with misconduct simply because the Biden administration wants to make a point about people who oppose its radical transgender agenda, no one is safe.

Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra confirmed this too when he admitted during a congressional hearing last month that the Biden administration planned to defund hospitals with religious objections to transgender mutilation.

“If a health care facility is violating the law and not providing the service they are required to, they are not entitled to federal funding,” Becerra said.

When Republican Rep. Mary Miller asked Becerra if that applied to doctors, Becerra ignored the Biden administration’s war on conscience protections to claim that providers are shielded and “not required” to execute any transing procedures.

For Biden, the buck doesn’t stop at former President Donald Trump, Steve Bannon, or any other person who might stand in the way of his reelection. The weaponization of the DOJ by this administration was designed to wipe out wrongthinkers like you and me across the board.

Don’t you dare try to pray in front of an abortion facility because you believe babies in the womb deserve a chance at life or run over the perversion of a symbol created by God or tell your local school board that parents get the final say in what their child hears, sees, reads, and studies or insist there are only two sexes and they aren’t interchangeable by even the cruelest, mutilative means.

People like Haim who dare to indulge in such anti-regime thoughts and actions can and will be punished beyond the bounds of the law to send a message: your dissidence will not be tolerated here.

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