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Corporate Media Think Voters Are Dumb Enough To Believe Biden’s Border Invasion Is ‘Quieting’

border protection stops illegal border crossers
Image CreditU.S. CBP/Flickr

Corporate media are trying to fool voters into believing that illegal border crossings are “plunging” and the invasion is “quieting” thanks to the joint efforts of the Biden Administration and Mexico, but don’t be fooled by their Biden-boosting spin.

One particular article from the Intelligencer confidently declared “Migrant Border Crossings Are Dropping Rapidly” and wondered if the purported decrease is “Too Late to Help Biden.”

The article branded public disapproval of the border invasion as a product of a “drumbeat of news” and “incessant Republican complaints on the subject,” instead of a growing problem that victimizes young and old Americans everywhere. The author also claimed the so-called “drop” in border crossings is “really good news for the 46th president” ahead of the 2024 presidential election.

“If border crossings continue to drop until election day, hyperbolic Republican claims that Biden has ‘opened the border’ will begin to ring hollow, and Trump’s second-term plans to undertake a massive armed deportation drive will begin to sound as cruel as the former president himself,” the author notes wistfully.

First things first, illegal border crossings aren’t actually dropping from the record-breaking levels President Joe Biden and his administration have welcomed and incentivized. In April 2024 alone, 179,725 illegal crossers were caught (and likely released) by Customs and Border Protection after they tried to sneak across the Southwest border.

That number may be down from the eye-popping 200,000 plus apprehensions recorded that same month in 2023 and 2022, but it’s far from the normal range the Southern boundary usually sees.

As The Center for Immigration Studies’ Andrew Arthur noted, U.S. border officials called the 99,273 illegal border crossers who were apprehended entering the U.S. in April 2019 a “cascading crisis” and “freefall.” That’s “roughly 28 percent fewer aliens” than were encountered in April 2024, but the Biden administration’s media allies celebrated it as a victory.

In fact, CBP data suggests the April 2024 stats are higher than 21 of the last 24 fiscal years, even without counting the estimated millions of “gotaways” that successfully evaded capture and processing from border patrol.

Even if border crossings were “dropping,” as corporate media so dubiously claim, it has not been enough to curtail voters’ concerns regarding illegal border crossings. Recent polling indicates that the invasion has become a top concern for voters in the 2024 election and that a majority disapprove of Biden’s handling of the crisis.

A plurality of swing state voters say securing the U.S. border is more important than shelling out taxpayer dollars to protect other countries’ borders.

Meanwhile, more than half of Americans, including 42 percent of Democrats, support kicking illegal border crossers out of the U.S. — a solution corporate media routinely criticize former President Donald Trump for suggesting.

Time and time again, corrupt press outlets like The Intelligencer have allied themselves with the Biden administration on the border. When the invasion started to get totally out of hand, they ignored it. Then when Americans still managed to notice the utter collapse of the Southern border without the media’s help, the press scrambled to cover for the Biden administration. They even went so far as to lie about the people trying to secure it.

Americans know the danger the drug-ridden, trafficking operations that plague our Southern border pose to our nation’s sovereignty and security. However, the corrupt corporate media, like the Intelligencer, hope that if they can trample, overlook, and downplay those feelings enough, it will give Biden a boost come November 2024.

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