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Black People Can Still Be Black If They Don’t Vote For Joe Biden (Or At All)

Student at Morehouse College turns his backs on President Biden.
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Black lives matter! (Except the 240,000 that Biden and Kamala Harris are willing to sacrifice if it keeps them in office!)


As they witness Joe Biden’s support among nonwhite voters collapse in spectacular fashion, the president’s campaign team is in triage, trying to stop the bleeding in ways that are hysterically funny but almost certainly inflict yet more damage.

Well, funny if you’re not a black person. If you’re a voter with self-respect who happens to be black, then it’s patronizing, belittling, and shocking in its naked desperation.

A recent survey published by The New York Times showed Biden with lower support among black voters than even Hillary Clinton in 2016, which — thank God — with the help of independents and Hispanics, helped send her campaign back to the depths of hell where it belonged.

Fortunately for Biden, he’s been able to run up his numbers among women who never know when they might want an abortion, but he’s nonetheless hanging by a thread. So to shore up support from blacks, he’s all but walking around Washington in a durag. Ironically, that might be more helpful to his campaign than what he’s been doing so far.

Last weekend, Biden delivered a speech in front of the NAACP in Detroit, where he even got the storied black Democrat political organization’s name wrong, referring to it as the NAAC. In the same speech, he referenced the commencement address he delivered at the historically black Morehouse College in Atlanta earlier that same day. “I told them I saw them, I heard them, and the nation needs them,” he said of the black male students. “They’re the future of this country.”

His assertion that “the nation needs them” is a rosy recollection of what Biden actually said at that address. In reality, what the president told the black men of Morehouse was that in America, “You have to be 10 times better than anyone else to get a fair shot,” and that their country “doesn’t love [them] back in equal measure.” He also said, “What is democracy if black men are being killed in the street?” though Biden neglected to mention his past support for making law enforcement funding conditional on doing what Democrats want, which would effectively “defund the police,” a policy position that provably exacerbates black homicides.

An op-ed published Sunday in The Washington Post, effectively a communications arm of the Biden White House, ran under the headline, “How Biden’s campaign hopes to reinvigorate Black voters.” Author Karen “Viola Swamp” Tumulty wrote at the top that while people like her in Washington are paying attention to the presidential campaign, “especially young black people” are preoccupied with “the raging beef between hip-hop superstars Kendrick Lamar and Drake.” She lauded the Biden campaign’s capitalizing on the corny rap feud with a social media video that used some of the hip-hop music, calling it an attempt at “stepping up his outreach to Black voters.”

Get it? Black youths enjoy rap, and Biden is aware! He’s really doing it, black people!

Most egregious and dripping with opportunism was the Biden administration abandoning, with no explanation whatsoever, its multi-year effort to make menthol cigarettes illegal, which the White House determined would cut deeper into black support.

That’s not me saying that. The Associated Press reported in late April, “President Joe Biden’s administration is indefinitely delaying a long-awaited menthol cigarette ban, a decision that infuriated anti-smoking advocates but could avoid a political backlash from Black voters in November.”

The attempted ban has been in effect since almost the moment Biden was sworn into office back in 2021. As recently as last year, the White House released a “fact sheet” on how “the Biden-⁠Harris Administration Advances Equity and Opportunity for Black Americans and Communities Across the Country.” Included was the move to ban menthol cigarettes because “banning menthol cigarettes could prevent as many as 654,000 deaths in the US — up to 238,000 among African Americans — over the next 40 years.”

Black lives matter! (Except the 240,000 that Biden and Kamala Harris are willing to sacrifice if it keeps them in office!)

It’s ingrained in the Democrat Party that winning black votes is about two things: welfare and calling Republicans racist. So long as Democrats promise sustained welfare and accuse Republicans of being white supremacists, the votes are just supposed to come pouring in. It often works, though maybe this time — with Biden-driven inflation, rampant national crime, and an uninterrupted flow of billions of dollars overseas — black voters will consider an alternative.

Contrary to what some on the political right delude themselves into believing, it’s not that black voters are “starting to wake up.” They’re still destined to vote for Biden and Democrats in November in overwhelming numbers. But maybe just enough of them won’t. Maybe they’ll vote for the Republican presidential nominee at a margin not seen in decades, as polls right now indicate.

And if they don’t want to vote for Trump, it’s just as fine that they don’t vote at all. Trust me, black voters. Not voting for Biden won’t make you any less black.

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