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WaPo Opinion Editor Upset Lawfare Trials Aren’t Kneecapping Trump As Intended


The Washington Post’s opinion editor Alexi McCammond expressed dismay over why Democrats’ lawfare trials haven’t fully kneecapped former President Donald Trump after a new poll shows Trump clobbering President Joe Biden in key swing states.

“How in the world is Trump’s trial not hurting him?” a clueless McCammond posed in her headline. “How is the former president still ahead of Biden in recent polls?”

“Donald Trump has been trapped in a courtroom for most of the past month, depriving his MAGA fans of more frequent campaign rallies and events,” McCammond writes. “Yet fresh polling shows that the trial hasn’t hurt Trump’s 2024 reelection bid, nor has it helped President Biden look better to voters.”

McCammond confirmed the lawfare trials being waged against the former president serve two purposes — neither of which involve “justice.”

The first is to interfere in the election by keeping Trump off the campaign trail not interacting with voters. The second is to assassinate Trump’s character to boost the corrupt Biden’s likability among voters who have soured on him as inflation worsens, international proxy wars rage on, and the southern border continues to be overwhelmed by illegal immigrants — including dozens on the FBI’s terror watchlist.

Neither goal is happening “as quickly as might be helpful,” The Washington Post’s Alexandra Petri laments. Her comments reflect the urgency among the left for a Trump conviction and sentence as soon as possible since, despite the left’s astonishing destruction of U.S. rule of law, Biden is still “not more popular than the guy who stands accused of paying off a porn star to keep quiet about having sex.”

Allegedly having an affair is not a crime, nor is allegedly paying someone to not discuss it publicly.

For now, the left’s intentions have fallen short of their goals, with a New York Times/Siena College poll finding Trump leading Biden overall in a head-to-head match-up among registered voters 48-42 and 49-43 among likely voters. Trump has also made significant inroads with Hispanic voters and voters between the ages of 18-29.

As Trump manages to keep his head well above water, Democratic operatives like Judge Juan Merchan — who oversees the Manhattan case — have bolstered their efforts to extract the intended consequences of the lawfare trials. Merchan issued a gag order prohibiting Trump from making entirely true statements highlighting that, for example, Merchan is a Biden donor or that his daughter is a big-time Democratic operative with clients such as Russia-collusion hoaxer Adam Schiff.

It’s an effort to hinder Trump’s ability to defend himself in the court of public opinion and curtail his ability to explain to voters who may be on the fence about his candidacy that the case was brought because of partisan motives.

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