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The Best Super Bowl Memes And Mockery To Ease Your Monday Blues


Super Bowl LVIII concluded on Sunday with a nail-biter overtime that kept everyone on the edge of their seats, but it was the game’s slow start that gave viewers the time to share the humorous takes we all need to cure that Monday morning hangover.

You may have gone to bed on Sunday night thinking the Kansas City Chiefs beat out the San Francisco 49ers to win the NFL championship game, but Georgia discovered a stash of secret ballots overnight, making Stacey Abrams the true victor of the Super Bowl.

Perhaps the most memeable moment from the matchup was when Pfizer’s favorite Kelce brother yelled at and pushed his elderly coach on live TV. In a post-game interview, Andy Reid laughed off Kelce’s benchable behavior, but keyboard warriors on X were way ahead of him.

Even Democrat Sen. Chris Murphy tried to use the exchange to go after conservatives for criticizing his “border never closes” bill. He was immediately roasted in the replies by Americans who noted his allegiance is clearly not to border security for the U.S. but border security for Ukraine.

Kelce wasn’t the only person mocked by the internet. His girlfriend, Taylor Swift, also caught some heat over her hypocritical use of private jets and her penchant for breakup songs.

If you watched the Super Bowl for the snacks, the ads, and the halftime performance instead of the football, you’ll be pleased to find that Usher’s nostalgic, sweat-inducing roller skating routine caught the eyes of several online humorists.

Finally, on a more sad but true note, a Chinese Communist Party-linked company known for slave labor and using spyware to steal Americans’ personal information aired not one, not two, but three ads for its cheap products during the massive TV event.

The company’s aggressive marketing campaign sparked a slew of self-deprecating realizations from viewers who have fallen prey to Temu’s scam.

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