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Biden Smears Opponents As Nazis While Democrat Voters Riot For Jewish Genocide

While Democrat voters riot for ethnic cleansing of Jews, Joe Biden’s propaganda army claims the real Nazis are grandmas wearing MAGA hats.


Joe Biden’s 2024 campaign theme portrays his political opponents as violent, insurrectionary, racist Nazis. Corporate media will blanket your eyes and ears with that slander against the vast majority of America while ignoring the left’s unchecked acts of political violence.

Jesse Singal posted on X an internal Washington Post email discussing how to even more thickly smear the solid majority of Americans who oppose racial preferences as racists. In it, race editor Renae Merle previews the next company “brainstorming session” focusing on the “backlash against diversity, equity, and inclusion programs (DEI).”

“[L]et’s talk through how we can expand and elevate our coverage,” which she described as already “extensive[].”

We already know corporate media rigs elections with news coverage so prejudiced it’s no longer just biased but now outright propaganda. Corporate U.S. outlets act effectively like outlets in Communist China, which only differ in levels of pretended distance from government control. Just recently, it surfaced that the White House keeps an actual spreadsheet reviewing media coverage and holds off-record meetings with reporters telling them how to “do better next time.”

As my colleague Eddie Scarry noted, corporate media already functions as a brute-force amplifier of White House talking points. Biden breaks historic American norms to frame half the country as the worst devil most people have ever heard of, and every outlet from the Associated Press to Reuters to the cable networks become little Claudine Gays who CTRL-C, CTRL-P this calumny across every screen in the country.

This amazing, election-shifting media propaganda machine still isn’t strong enough to secure complete one-party Democrat rule. So they also create, promote, and run through “nonprofit” cutouts a massive internet censorship enterprise to ensure that the few voices not speaking government-approved messages scream into artificially emptied social media chambers.

This White House promotes racism that quite literally endangers American lives. As Rod Dreher points out, the racism they demand from higher education results in black and Hispanic doctors getting through medical school with standard deviations lower on their entrance exams, meaning they are significantly less qualified to treat patients correctly. DEI policies are intertwined with dangerous recent airplane near-collisions.

As my colleague Emily Jashinsky pointed out in 2021, not only is DEI racism also lowering the quality of instruction doctors get because it makes professors afraid to correct non-white medical students’ errors, it’s also resulting in public health policies that endanger higher-risk populations, like the elderly, to preference people of politically preferred skin colors. If you multiply the problem of elevating people based on skin color instead of excellence across every life-or-death profession — engineering, policing, emergency workers, soldiers — then you begin to see how DEI can kill.

Then add in the rampant and growing political violence our nation suffers on behalf of DEI racism. While the Democrats’ White House claims people who hate racism are the real racists, Democrat-run jurisdictions throughout the country are letting racism-fueled violence run rampant. Of course, in 2020, it was the George Floyd riots, for which disproportionately few rioters were prosecuted despite billions in damage and dozens killed.

Lately, as Chris Bray points out, it’s American leftist mobs supporting foreign terrorists in the name of DEI. Under Democrat DEI ideology, Jews are “white” and Palestinians are “brown,” you see. This makes Jews evil and Palestinians good because good and evil are determined by your skin color, as all the tax-sponsored DEI bureaucrats “educate” us.

So it’s OK to shut down traffic and keep ambulances from getting to dying people and to stage riotous “insurrections” to prevent state legislatures and other government bodies from conducting regular business. Hamas supporters can vandalize American veterans’ remains, and kids at American universities can mob anyone suspected of being a Jew, and all this political violence is OK because it’s antiracist, you see?

While Democrat voters riot in streets and state legislatures to support terrorists whose actual position is ethnic cleansing of all Jews, Joe Biden and his propaganda army will be telling us that the real Nazis are grandmas wearing MAGA hats who stood peacefully on Capitol grounds three years ago. What’s more, millions of people will believe it because they saw it on the teevee.

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