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Top Democrat Comms Director Deletes Tweet Mocking Concerns About Trans Ideology, Election Integrity

GOP presidential debate
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One of Democrats’ top communications directors deleted a tweet mocking Republicans’ concerns about critically important issues affecting the nation, such as transgender ideology and election integrity. The post was issued during Wednesday’s 2024 GOP presidential primary debate.

In her since-deleted tweet, Rosemary Boeglin, who previously worked as President Biden’s assistant press secretary and before that as a spokeswoman for the Biden-Harris campaign and transition, mocked the idea that Republican voters care about any other issue than former President Donald Trump, who Boeglin insinuated will act like a “dictator” if elected to a second term next year. Boeglin’s hyperbole falls in lockstep with legacy media’s ongoing narrative that Trump will do to Democrats what they have done to him should he win the primary and subsequent general election.

“Yesterday Donald Trump said he wanted to be a dictator on ‘day one’ but @NikkiHaley and @RonDeSantis have spent more time discussing bathrooms, crypto, and whatever zuckerbucks are,” Boeglin wrote.

Boeglin’s dismissive tweet isn’t all that surprising. Leftists are incapable of seeing the world through the eyes of people who disagree with them. They have genuinely convinced themselves that their paganistic worldview is morally pure and accurate, and therefore everyone who opposes it is not only wrong but evil.

So when a conservative like Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis speaks about the horrors associated with performing transgender surgeries and other medical interventions on minors, leftists such as Boeglin can’t fathom why conservatives would spend time discussing it.

The same is true for an issue such as election integrity, which was also raised during Wednesday’s debate and dismissed by Boeglin. Democrats’ visceral hatred of Trump and disdain for conservatives prevents them from acknowledging that the 2020 election was fraught with irregularities and illegalities. Try to tell leftists about the hundreds of millions of “Zuckbucks” poured into local election offices, Big Tech censorship, illegally altered election laws and guidelines, corrupt media coverage, or the unlawful use of ballot drop boxes in states like Wisconsin — all of which benefited Democrats — and you’ll be met with “election denier” smears.

For the leftist, objective truth and morality have no meaning because truth and morality are whatever the leftist says they are. It’s how Democrats can make the faux “My body, my choice!” argument to justify the murder of an unborn child and in the very next breath demand that someone be segregated for refusing to get a government-mandated experimental shot.

So yes, conservative concerns about transgender issues and election irregularities are real. But leftists would rather mock Republicans as Trump rubes than reckon with bigger questions that cut to the heart of Democrats’ corruption.

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