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SPLC Union Won’t Call Out Pro-Hamas Hate Groups But Accuses Israel Of Genocide

Pro-Palestine protest
Image CreditNBC News/YouTube

The Southern Poverty Law Center Union unequivocally declared support for the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip last week when it accused Israel of genocide for retaliating against the terrorists who massacred 1400 Israelis and more than two dozen Americans and took hundreds more hostage.

SPLC previously refused to tell The Federalist whether it had plans to designate the left-wing organizations like Black Lives Matter and Democratic Socialists of America that responded positively to Hamas’ massacre in Israel as “hate groups.”

Days later, the organization’s union, which is comprised of a “supermajority of employees spanning SPLC’s 11 offices across five states and Washington, D.C.,” said in a post on X that it “stands strongly in solidarity with the Palestinian people.”

The workers’ support for the terrorist-backed cause is reportedly “rooted in the legacy of anti-oppression and decolonization led by Black and Indigenous leaders.”

More importantly, the SPLC Union claimed to have taken up the mantle of Gaza because it believes Israel is to blame for the violence and destruction plaguing the Middle East.

“What we see in Gaza is the violent imperialist desecration of a people – the beginnings of a genocide,” the union’s officers and stewards wrote.

The SPLC Union also asserted Israel’s actions have “fueled aggression in our own country that resulted in “attacks against Muslims and Sikhs” and “outbursts of antisemitism.”

The union’s language strongly resembles President Joe Biden’s concern that the real victims of the chaos in the Middle East are Muslims. Meanwhile, Jews all across the globe face a rising number of antisemitic threats and attacks.

The SPLC Union claimed the only solution to the Israel-Hamas war is a “ceasefire and an end to the occupation.”

“Palestinian Lives Matter. Palestinian families matter. Palestinian histories matter. We hold the grief felt by millions in our hearts and feel it in our bodies,” the union wrote.

Organizations like the SPLC Union, Biden, and their allies in the corporate media repeatedly try to distinguish their support for “Palestine” from Hamas. They insist that “the vast majority of Palestinians are not Hamas” and “Hamas does not represent the Palestinian people.”

Polling, however, suggests a majority of Gaza residents, 57 percent, view Hamas in a positive light and say the terrorist group is best equipped to represent them and their interests.

Even if the SPLC Union didn’t explicitly endorse Hamas in its statement, it parroted terrorist rhetoric by accusing Israel of “occupation,” “apartheid,” and unjustified “bombings.”

The SPLC union’s stance on Israel (and one of its lead attorneys’s apparent participation in the unlawful Palestine demonstration at the Capitol last week) is no surprise given the activist hubs’ leftist streak.

While masquerading as an organization that “monitors hate groups and other extremists throughout the United States,” including many of which it says are “far right” antisemitic organizations, SPLC made a brand out of tarnishing organizations with Christian missions or conservative ties.

These partisan designations, decried by Republicans and the organizations named as smears, were then used by the FBIDemocratsBig Tech, and woke corporations to investigate and censor the left’s political opponents.

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